Basic Functions That Plastic Food Packaging Bottle Should Have

Update:04 Jan 2021

Among the many food packaging bottles, food plastic pac […]

Among the many food packaging bottles, food plastic packaging bottles are the most widely used packaging container, which is used for many kinds of packaging for various jobs. Plastic food packaging bottles are widely used because they have a series of advantages such as light weight, sturdiness and durability, good barrier properties, easy forming, variable shapes, and low cost. So it can stand out in the packaging field. So what powerful functions should plastic food packaging bottles have?

   1. Protect the contents: plastic food packaging bottles can be moisture-proof, waterproof, dust-proof, and corrosion-proof. It has a barrier effect on external dust, water and other liquid substances; prevents packaging pollution and corrosion; prevents ultraviolet rays from penetrating, changes the habitual environmental temperature, and protects the packaging from sunlight and ultraviolet rays.

  2. Withstand the impact of external force: It can adapt to a variety of transportation methods and warehouse storage methods, and protect the contents from damage.

  3. Perfect display of products: Plastic food packaging bottles can subvert the beauty, bright color, surface brightness and transparency, and show the product display function. Attract customers and stimulate their desire to buy.

   4. Easy to use: plastic food packaging bottles should be opened and closed. It can be opened and closed multiple times. Dumping content should be convenient. Will not cause splashing and hurting appearance. When depicting the product, you can add other functions to the sealing machine: such as anti-counterfeiting, anti-theft, anti-blocking, spraying, etc.

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