The Hidden Dangers Of Food Packaging Bottle

Update:26 Dec 2020

Because we usually have some safety requirements when w […]

Because we usually have some safety requirements when we choose imported food, when we choose packaged food, we need to feel it with our hands, use our nose to smell the product, and compare and use it. Look for damage to the packaging. The specific selection methods of plastic cans mainly include the following three points:

1. Hands-on means to feel the outer packaging of the food by hand, wipe it with your hand to see if the color fades, and stretch it to see if it is easily damaged. In addition to paying attention to the safety of the food itself, everyone should also pay attention to the safety of food packaging. Because the packaging will also affect the food, thereby bringing hidden dangers of physical diseases;

2. Smell whether the food packaging has any peculiar smell, especially the packaging that is in direct contact with the food, such as disposable lunch boxes and plastic wrap in the supermarket deli area. If the packaging bag has a fragrance, it is best to be cautious. The food packaging must be tasteless, because Some scented packaging bags may contain excessive amounts of volatile substances;

3. Check whether the packaging is damaged, whether there is a QS mark for the food production license, and whether it has a clear production and quality guarantee date.

And when we choose food packaging bottle, there are some unexpected safety hazards that need to be paid attention to, such as:

1. Plastics cannot be used for hot or greasy food. Nowadays, people use many plastic bags. Some of them, such as polyethylene and polypropylene, are safe plastics that can be used to hold food. However, most of the film plastic bags used in restaurants and early stalls are made of polyvinyl chloride that cannot hold food. Become. Using them to fill fried dough sticks, hot pasta, etc., which have just been out of the pot, may cause harmful substances to leak out, which may cause chronic poisoning over time;

2. Putting toys in snacks is dangerous. In order to attract children to buy, more and more snacks will come with small toys. These small toys are mostly packed in a thin plastic bag and mixed with snacks. This can easily cause the plastic bag containing the toy to react with the grease of the snack to precipitate harmful substances. If the plastic bag breaks, the plastic toy will also contaminate the snack;

3. The color of the plastic can is bright, and the ink is a hidden danger. Bright colors mean using more ink, which will increase the chance of heavy metals and solvents in the ink migrating into and out of the packaging bag. Once harmful substances invade the package contents, it will inevitably cause great safety problems.

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