100ml Plastic Spray Bottle Has a Good Application In The Field Of Medical And Cosmetic Packaging

Update:05 Mar 2021

The use of plastic packaging has become more and more w […]

The use of plastic packaging has become more and more widespread, and the production of plastic packaging and plastic bottles has received more and more attention. Plastic spray bottles have a variety of specifications to meet the needs of different consumption levels. Nowadays, the competition in the cosmetics market is becoming increasingly fierce, and each manufacturer is investing more and more in cosmetic packaging. In order to meet the needs of different users, the size of the plastic spray bottle corresponds to different specifications for users to choose from.

The plastic spray bottle adopts the spray method, which can reduce waste and increase the contact area, so it is more suitable for the modern cosmetics industry. In order to improve the physical and chemical properties of plastic spray bottles, a certain proportion of nanomaterials are added to the raw materials for the production of plastic spray bottles, especially for barrier properties, chemical resistance, and UV resistance. Improve the toughness of the plastic spray bottle, reduce the processing cost, and make the product more competitive.

100ml Plastic Spray Bottle usually has a long service life. In the process of repeated use, some bacteria are easy to grow on the surface of the plastic bottle, which affects the health of the user. The antibacterial plastic spray bottle can inhibit the production of surface bacteria. The spray bottle has the advantages of long antibacterial time, good antibacterial effect, and good antibacterial spectrum performance.

Plastic spray bottles have good applications in the field of medical and cosmetic packaging.

First, in the field of medical packaging, oral liquid smears are very troublesome. After using the plastic spray bottle, the medicine can be sprayed evenly into the oral cavity, which is a great help for the patient to apply for the medicine. When spraying liquid, the dosage can be better controlled and the effect of the medicine can be improved.

Secondly, in the field of cosmetic packaging, plastic spray bottle packaging makes the application of cosmetics more diversified. In the past, perfume bottles were designed with caps. Obviously, it is difficult to spray evenly. This problem is greatly improved after using plastic spray bottles.

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