Brief Description Of The Selection Criteria Of Food Packaging Bottle

Update:26 Feb 2021

With the special requirements of modern food packaging […]

With the special requirements of modern food packaging for plastic bottles, the current food packaging has developed from glass packaging to the general development of plastic packaging. And this kind of packaging usually has four kinds of medicine bottles: polyester bottles, polypropylene bottles, polycarbonate bottles, and high-density polyethylene bottles, which have the effects of resistance to ultraviolet radiation, heat resistance, high strength, and good chemical resistance. When we purchase the Food Packaging Bottle, we need to purchase according to the following specifications:

① Quality assurance system, supplier audit to purchase plastic bottles has become an indispensable part. After passing the audit, the factory can make a comprehensive and correct assessment of the overall level of software and hardware facilities, technical equipment, and quality;

②Select the main raw material of plastic bottles and the formula of additives: the product standard of solid plastic bottles is the applicable regulations for the main raw materials and must meet the non-toxic, no peculiar smell, etc., because there are many main raw materials, which need to be selected as the overall raw material Performance, tablets generally use high-density polyethylene, polypropylene bottles, such as PET bottles can be used for transparency, better barrier properties of PEN bottles, generally used in liquid food formulations, polypropylene or polyethylene bottles and bottle esters as the main raw material Made of material;

③The sealing of the bottle cap and the water vapor permeability. Airtightness and moisture permeability plays a vital role in the stability of charging;

④The stability and compatibility of plastic bottles, the use of plastic bottles, especially the use of new plastic bottles for food (or new materials, new processes) should pack advanced food testing to check the stability and compatibility of plastic bottles with food Charge. Plastic bottle product quality standards, from the manufacturer’s product quality standards to conduct product quality analysis to determine whether it is advisable.

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