What Are The Performance Characteristics Of Plastic Lotion Pump Bottle?

Update:12 Mar 2021

Plastic lotion pump bottles are increasingly recognized […]

Plastic lotion pump bottles are increasingly recognized by manufacturers in cosmetic packaging. It is generally believed that the design of the plastic lotion pump bottle on the diameter of the bottle mouth should cover the volume of the drug and an appropriate margin space. The shape of the bottleneck has good compatibility with the cap, and the tightness of the bottle mouth and cap and the torque after the torque is applied have strong moisture resistance. The current plastic bottle mouth is made of aluminum foil gasket electromagnetic induction sealing, which has the functions of moisture-proof, sealing, and anti-theft.

The main body of the Plastic Lotion Pump Bottle is a circular rotating body with a cylindrical shape. If the bottle wall is too thick, the weight of the bottle body will increase, the consumption of raw materials will increase, and the amount of stress and shrinkage in the bottle will also increase, and if the bottle wall is too thin, it will be difficult to achieve. Blow molding will have lower strength and easy to penetrate. In order to improve the barrier performance and strength of the plastic bottle, the thickness of the plastic bottle is usually 1.2mm-1.5mm. The bottom of the plastic bottle is designed with a concave bottom or a flat bottom double circular structure to enhance the internal pressure resistance of the bottle and ensure the stability of the bottle. Because pure plastic bottles are produced in a purification workshop that meets GHP requirements.

In order to ensure that the liquid within the validity period is not subject to moisture or deterioration, the plastic lotion pump bottle should have good sealing and barrier properties and can prevent the influence of light, heat, water vapor, and oxygen drugs. Plastic lotion pump bottles range from a few milliliters to about 1000 milliliters. Most of the shapes are round, but there are also squares, oval, and other shapes.

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