The Effective Way To Clean 100ml Plastic Spray Bottle

Update:05 Feb 2021

Here is our recommended method for cleaning a 100ml Pla […]

Here is our recommended method for cleaning a 100ml Plastic Spray Bottle and ensuring that it can be reused. You can do all these operations at home with very simple household tools.

  1. Check your bottle

Of course, you must first evaluate your spray bottle. Please always consider what you previously used. Some content may be harmful to your skin, so please handle it with extreme care. Try to see if there is a problem with the mechanism, or if parts such as dust caps are missing. You should also scan the container to see if there are cracks or dents. Remove the cover and inspect the inside of the body. If there is a problem with the spray bottle, it may not be worth washing and reuse.

  1. Rinse

Now, this is an important step you must perform. This is called flushing. For this part, we recommend that you use a pair of gloves. Take a cup and fill it with hot water. Place the cup in the kitchen sink. Take off the dispenser (without bottle) very carefully and immerse the bottom of the dip tube in the water. Make sure the insert faces the sink and away from your body. Then, pump the spray pump several times to thoroughly flush the entire distribution system with water.

  1. Remove the label (if any)

When washing the spray parts, it is also necessary to remove the label of the bottle. First, rinse the bottle with warm water. Then, put on gloves and immerse the bottle in a deep basin with hot water. Let it sit for about 10 minutes, and then pull it out with pliers. Hold the bottle with a towel and peel it off while it is hot. If the label does not fall off completely, soak the bottle in water with baking soda. After about half an hour, try to peel off the label.

  1. Soap and water

After separating the parts of the spray bottle, place it in a basin and wash it with warm water and dish soap. Use cotton swabs on hard-to-reach parts such as the threads of bottles and caps and the inside of actuators. Rinse all parts thoroughly with water. It is important not to leave soap on it.

  1. Disinfection

At this point, your bottle may look clean and tidy. However, they need to be kept clean at the microscopic level. Soap and water alone cannot kill 100% of the bacteria and viruses present on the surface of the bottle. The best way is to disinfect it. With the parts still disassembled, the spray bottle is sterilized just like the baby bottle is sterilized. You can boil it for a few minutes or steam it. However, before heating, make sure to remove all plastic parts. Since the spray bottle dispenser is mainly made of plastic, we do not recommend that you sterilize it in the oven. Plastic parts may not withstand the heat of the oven.

  1. Dry

After disinfection, completely dry all bottle parts. Place them on a clean towel in a clean, sunny area.

  1. Reassemble

Now, with clean, dry hands, you can reassemble the spray bottle. Ensure that all parts are firmly in place and are not loose.

  1. Air flush

Finally, air flushes the spray bottle. When there is nothing in the bottle, just press the actuator several times. This is to ensure that no water remains in the distribution system. Now your spray bottle has been cleaned and can be reused.

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