100ml Plastic Spray Bottle Facilitates Your Life

Update:29 Jan 2021

Plastic spray bottles have various specifications to me […]

Plastic spray bottles have various specifications to meet the needs of different consumption levels. Now the competition in the cosmetics market is very fierce, and each manufacturer is investing more and more in cosmetic packaging. In order to meet the needs of different users, the capacity of the plastic spray bottle also has different specifications to facilitate user selection.

The 100ml Plastic Spray Bottle is used to spray the liquid in the bottle to reduce waste and increase the contact area, which is more suitable for the needs of the modern cosmetics industry. In the manufacturing process of plastic spray bottles involving multiple raw materials, adding a certain proportion of nanomaterials can improve the physical and chemical properties of the plastic spray bottles. In particular, the bottle will have good barrier properties, chemical resistance, and UV resistance, so it will also improve the toughness of the plastic spray bottle and reduce processing costs, thereby making the product more competitive.

Plastic spray bottles usually have a longer life. In the process of repeated use, some bacteria are easy to grow on the surface of the plastic bottle, which will affect the health of the user. However, antibacterial plastic spray bottles can inhibit the production of surface bacteria. During processing, the inorganic antibacterial agent is evenly dispersed in the raw material of the plastic bottle. Moreover, due to the improved blow molding production technology, the antibacterial plastic spray bottle can be produced with a long antibacterial time, good antibacterial effect, and good antibacterial spectrum performance.

The spray bottle adopts a very user-friendly packaging method, and its application range should be expanded. The spray bottle can be used in pesticide, chemical, food, and other fields. It brings convenience to consumers. The use of plastic spray bottles can easily control the amount of liquid sprayed, and spray the liquid to the surface of the desired product more accurately, which cannot be achieved with ordinary bottle cap packaging products.

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