• 7 Plastics You Need To Know: Pet Honey Bottles


    Plastic is not as simple as you think. Each of them is different from the others. Some of them are reusable, while others produce harmful substances after repeated use. Some are easy to recycle, while...

  • PET Honey Bottles


    PET plastic bottles are a popular choice for packaging soft drinks because they provide numerous benefits to manufacturers and consumers. Today, 70% of soft drinks (carbonated drinks, still and diluta...

  • Use Of Pet Honey Bottles


    If you are investing in a high-quality sweetener like all-natural raw honey, it seems a wise idea to spend a little time protecting your investment. Read on to find the right temperature, container, a...

  • How To Choose The Shape Of Food Packaging Bottles


    There is a great deal to consider when first designing your Food Packaging Bottle. Each bottle category is available in a variety of sizes and shapes – namely round or square. Deciding on the right sh...

  • The Structure And Function Of Plastic Lotion Pump Bottle


    Plastic Lotion Pump Bottles are widely used for dispensing viscous fluids, such as liquid soap, hand sanitizer, and face wash, to name a few. Although there’s a plethora of polypropylene-made lotion p...

  • Advantages Of Plastic Cosmetic Bottles


    Cosmetic glass bottles are traditional packaging products, which are characterized by: bright and transparent, good chemical stability, airtight, easy to shape, but heavy and easy to break. Plastic Co...

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