Advantages Of Plastic Cosmetic Bottles

Update:26 Sep 2021

Cosmetic glass bottles are traditional packaging produc […]

Cosmetic glass bottles are traditional packaging products, which are characterized by: bright and transparent, good chemical stability, airtight, easy to shape, but heavy and easy to break. Plastic Cosmetic Bottles: Plastic is a high-molecular synthetic material of many types. For example, 100ml spray bottle, 250ml Plastic Lotion Bottle, etc.

The advantage is:

(1) Good mechanical properties, lightweight, convenient storage and transportation, and easy to carry and use;

(2) Barrier, good sealing, and high transparency;

(3) Good processing performance, which can be manufactured into bottles, caps, films, bags, and composite packaging materials of various specifications and sizes;

(4) Good decorative coloring and printing performance. Drug labels, instructions, signs, and barcodes can be directly inkjet or printed on plastic materials, and they will not fall off;

(5) Good chemical stability, weak toxicity, hygiene, and safety.

The PET plastic bottle is bright, and customers can clearly see the product in the container, which gives customers a decision to purchase to a large extent. In terms of innovative planning of the bottle body, PET containers can provide a great degree of freedom, and special planning can be carried out according to different requirements, so that the appearance is impermanent, and the attractiveness of the product is greatly improved. Therefore, tea beverages and PET Candy Bottles packaged in PET bottles have great advantages in the market promotion and sales promotion.

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