Advantages And Uses Of PET Honey Bottle

Update:28 Oct 2021

When buying PET Honey Bottles, make sure they are PET B […]

When buying PET Honey Bottles, make sure they are PET
Buy plastic bottles of juice or liquid? Make sure they are PET!
It is in the best interests of you and your consumers to ensure that your Small Plastic Juice Bottles are PET. You may ask what is PET? To the scientist in the room, it is polyethylene terephthalate. For non-scientists, it is a compound that constitutes many of the transparent plastic juice bottles and containers you see every day and is also indicated by the 1 mark on them, see here.

Advantages of PET:
When choosing pet plastics for storing juice or products, we provide 4 important reasons. You can feel the following well:

1. Easiest to recycle
PET is the most recycled plastic on the planet, so it is almost certainly accepted at any and all recycling locations, especially in the recycling life cycle of PET in the United States. Although some products can only be recycled once or twice, PET is unique It's also that it can be recycled again and again. In other words, the plastic bottle you drink today may be the container for your salad a year from now! The ability to recycle multiple times has led researchers to label it as a sustainable plastic choice.

2. PET is lightweight
PET is very light relative to its strength, making it the preferred storage method for small and large businesses, think about cheaper transportation. Although light in weight, PET is very durable, strong, and almost completely shatterproof, which is very useful in preventing damage to the goods during transportation.

3. No plastic smell
Avoid the nasty plastic smell, we have all been there, you go take a sip of your favorite juice or a bottle of water, the slight chemical smell will stay on your tongue instead of using a PET bottle or container. The PET bottle does not react to the contents it stores, so it can prevent the plastic particles from slowly degrading, thereby preventing the food or liquid from odor

4. Does not contain bisphenol A
BPA or Bisphenol A is a harsh industrial chemical, and studies have shown that it may leak into the products it carries. You might be wondering why this is a problem? Bisphenol A has been shown to disrupt hormone levels and negatively affect the behavior of babies. Experts believe that it is closely related to cancer. Since research is still ongoing and closely related to harmful health effects, it is best to avoid plastic products containing BPA.

The most common uses of PET:
We know that plastics are used in many products in our daily lives, but the following are some of the most common uses of PET plastic products:

1. Bottles and containers
Due to the many advantages listed above, PET has become the most commonly used form of plastic bottles and cups for juice, water, and soda, almost all the bottles you drink today. Since PET has all the same advantages in retaining liquids, it is also common in the storage of pre-packaged food containers.

2. Clothing
Believe it or not, but recycled PET is very common in the manufacture of polyester fabrics. Recycled PET plastic is one of the major fiber suppliers in China's apparel industry. Learn how to recycle bottles into polyester and watch the video here.

3. Sails
If you think our PET is about to run out, you are wrong. The recycled PET is even used to develop sails. Due to its strength and flexibility, PET has become a natural match for high-performance sails.

4. Carpet
The soft carpet you may lay is likely to consist of thousands of strands of PET polyester recycled plastic. The malleability and diversity of recycled PET products allow them to play a role in a range of products, enabling the industry to continue to find new uses for them.

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