Performance Characteristics Of 250ml Plastic Lotion Bottle

Update:05 Nov 2021

250ml Plastic Lotion Bottle is a traditional packaging […]

250ml Plastic Lotion Bottle is a traditional packaging product, which is characterized by: bright and transparent, good chemical stability, airtight, easy to shape, but heavy and easy to break. Cosmetic plastic bottles: Plastic is a high-molecular synthetic material of many types. For example, 100ml spray bottle, 250ml Plastic Lotion Bottle, etc.

The advantage is:

(1) Good mechanical properties, lightweight, convenient storage and transportation, and easy to carry and use;

(2) Barrier, good sealing, and high transparency;

(3) Good processing performance, which can be manufactured into bottles, caps, films, bags, and composite packaging materials of various specifications and sizes;

(4) Good decorative coloring and printing performance. Drug labels, instructions, signs, and barcodes can be directly inkjet or printed on plastic materials, and they will not fall off;

(5) Good chemical stability, weak toxicity, hygiene, and safety.

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