What Is The Difference Between Plastic Lotion Pump Bottle And Airless Pump?

Update:26 Aug 2021

Recently, we had a conversation with one of our premium […]

Recently, we had a conversation with one of our premium cosmetics skin care customers about the main difference between a lotion pump and an airless pump. This is something we often talk about, so we thought we would also share our explanation with you

How do airless pumps and containers work?

Airless pump animation Real airless bags, such as our 100ml Silver VTX Slimline pump and matching bottle, use a piston at the bottom. This is a small plastic tray that pushes skin care products or other cosmetics to the top dispensing nozzle. When the actuator is pressed and the product in the container is dispensed, this creates a small vacuum in the chamber. To adjust for this change in pressure, the piston moves upward. This is why there is a small air hole at the bottom, which allows air to enter through the bottom to replace the allocated area. One of the benefits of airlessness is that due to the piston, the product is not exposed to air before being dispensed. This usually means that your skin care, makeup or tanning formula can avoid the use of preservatives. Another benefit of a true airless container is that no dip tube is required.

How does Plastic Lotion Pump Bottle work? Lotion pump with dip tube

In the lotion pump, the product is dispensed upward through the dip tube. When the product level in the container slowly drops, the space is replaced by air returning from the top. This may degrade your product faster than true airless packaging. You will also find that the lotion pump has a more general thread form that can be used in a wider variety of containers, while airless containers often have their own dedicated bases or bottles.

All in all, the 100ml airless container is our favorite because you can see the movement of the piston while using the product, and consumers know when their packaging is about to run out and they need to buy more!
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