Various Types Of JUICE BOTTLE

Update:17 Dec 2021

     If you still don’t know what this company is produ […]

     If you still don’t know what this company is producing, you might as well have a look at the following introduction, which provides a reference for you to choose the Small Plastic Juice Bottles

produced by this company. The following briefly introduces four aspects:

  1. Long history and rich experience: The company has 25 years of experience in plastic packaging, and has passed ISO9002 quality system certification, ISO9001 quality management system certification, and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification.
  2. Personalized customization and safe packaging: To accept the individual needs of customers, the company has multi-functional bronzing, automatic screen printing, and packaging in accordance with pharmaceutical packaging standards to ensure health and safety.
  3. Diverse materials to enrich your choice: Taizhou Jinfu Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. has ten production lines, including PE, PP, PS, PET, and PVC blow-molded bottles.
  4. Variety of specifications: The company’s food packaging bottles are available in various specifications, such as 480 and 500ml, and 350. The 58-93-121MM type can meet the needs of different people and is suitable for a wide range of people. The bottles are available in various colors and are available to choose from, striving to satisfy every consumer.

     Taizhou Jinfu Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. welcomes your consultation and purchase!


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