PET Is The Most Suitable Packaging For Beverage

Update:01 Apr 2021

What is the most suitable packaging for juice or fruit […]

What is the most suitable packaging for juice or fruit drinks? Well, there is no one-size-fits-all solution here. The best solution depends on many factors, the most important of which are:Who are the target consumers and where are they most likely to consume beverages? What kind of distribution system is in place? How sensitive is the product?
The three most popular packaged juices, smoothies and fruit-based beverages are glass, carton, and PET. Each offers certain unique benefits, but how fair is it compared to the other two?

The most important parameter to check when evaluating the packaging performance of different packaging materials is their ability to protect product quality. Other factors you should consider are recyclability and shelf life.

If the quality of the product is to be properly maintained, the three very important attributes that the packaging should have are as follows:
1. Aroma barrier
2. Gas barrier
3. Light barrier
As you know, almost all fruit juices, smoothies and fruit drinks are very sensitive to oxidation, which can lead to loss of vitamins and unnecessary changes in color and taste. The gas barrier properties of the container play a major role in determining the oxidation rate and quality degradation, but this is not the only important attribute. Another important attribute is oxygen exposure, which includes oxygen in the headspace, permeation through the closure or spout, and the permeability of the container wall.

For consumers, PET bottles have obvious advantages over glass bottles. PET bottles are not only sturdy and durable, light in weight, but also more attractive in appearance.

However, for the company's products, the situation is somewhat complicated. Grams of juice and other similar beverages. Although PET provides a good aroma barrier and oxygen barrier, it is not suitable for protecting the quality of oxygen-sensitive beverages stored for a long time. In addition, due to the thin wall of PET bottles, visual changes (such as fading or browning) are more obvious in PET bottles compared to glass bottles.

Not only Beverage Bottle, but plastic cosmetic bottles also have a lot of knowledge which should be cared for, we'll talk about it next time.

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