PET Honey Bottles Or Glass Honey Bottle

Update:08 Jul 2021

Choosing PET Honey Bottles or glass bottles for your ne […]

Choosing PET Honey Bottles or glass bottles for your new honey business is an important decision, and there may be more factors than you consider. I will explore some of the advantages and disadvantages of each method:

PET Honey Bottles


Inexpensive-16oz/500ml (when purchased in bulk) the landed cost per bottle is usually less than $0.60.
Light-cheaper to transport and easier to move and store.
Durable-fewer broken bottles.


Not so premium look and feel.
Pollution-worse for the environment.
Toxicity-Most plastic bottles do not contain BPA, but some reusable rigid plastic bottles (think baby bottles) contain BPA, which may be harmful to humans [FDA].

Glass honey bottle


Quality look and feel. It is very important for the image and marketing of high-quality juice brands.
Reusable-more beneficial to the environment.
Return plan-If a customer brings back an empty bottle, some juice companies will provide a $1 credit. This will bring the customer back to the store where they might buy.
Non-toxic-glass does not contain potentially harmful chemicals.


Expensive-depending on the quantity purchased, a standard 16oz/500ml glass beverage bottle can easily exceed $2.00 per bottle. When ordering large quantities (thousands), it is usually possible to reduce landed costs including shipping costs to approximately US$1.00 to US$1.50 (in the United States).
Labor cost-If you run a return plan, removing labels, cleaning and disinfecting the bottles will increase labor costs and require additional space and equipment to clean the bottles.
Damaged-glass bottles may break during transportation and storage, causing some waste.
Once you decide whether to use plastic or glass, you need to find a supplier.
In fact, whether it is PET Honey Bottles or Small Plastic Juice Bottles, they have to think about the same content. Therefore, you can use the above viewpoints as a reference.

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