• How To Choose High Quality PET ?


    How to choose high quality PET ? PET is a milky white or light yellow highly crystalline polymer with a smooth and shiny surface. Good creep resistance, fatigue resistance, friction resistance, low we...

  • Plastic Lotion Pump Bottle Pump Head How To Choose?


    Plastic Lotion Pump Bottle pump head how to choose? 1.The distributor is divided into two kinds, namely binding mouth type and screw mouth type. In terms of function, it is divided into spray, foundat...

  • Promote The Use Of Biodegradable Plastics


    Jinfu Packaging will go green, strengthen the scientific management and use of plastic packaging, stop accepting the use of burnt plastics to the greatest extent, and gradually develop and use biodegr...

  • What to Look for When Buying Food Packaging Bottles?


    You’re ready to buy your first supply of juice bottles before launching your new product line but what should you be looking for in a bottle? Selecting the right juice bottle shape and size can feel o...

  • Rest Assured To Drink Beverages With Small Plastic Juice Bottles


    Sometimes it seems that one day, there is no other article on the Internet announcing not to drink plastic water bottles. Use the following three reasons to continue to fill your heart with plastic bo...

  • Beverage Bottle Is Much Safer Than You Think


    In terms of beverage packaging, because bisphenol A (BPA) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) are consistent in the mass media, beverage processors must deal with a large amount of misinformation and...

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